The Storage Dilemma

I do not mean the dilemma of what to do with your storage media. Solutions are available for that, including wallets for SD cards, external hard drives, and cloud-based systems like Tumblr or Photobucket.
I mean things such as cases for your cameras, lenses, and equipment that are small enough to be convenient and large enough to have what you need on hand.

Rolling case

Semi-hard sided rolling case

This case, which I picked up at Office Max (at a discounted price) holds a pretty good selection of equipment for an “on-the-go” shoot.

inside hard side case

The inside

I have my “good” camera (a Kodak Z990, shooting 1920 X 1080), an LED unit, a flash mount, a monopod, a tripod, my Zoom H1 sound recorder, a couple of microphones, and room to spare for other things I’ll probably think of later.

inside 2

inside – closer view

The blue fabric pouch contains my “mule” MiniDV cameras, batteries, connectors, and chargers for anything I plan to do with MiniDV.  (These are not my good 3CCD cameras; they’re in another case.)

I also have things I’m building from plans suggested by and , as well as Scott Eggleston’s The Frugal Filmmaker, Ryan Connolly’s Film Riot, and Dave Knopp’s They show inexpensive ways to make and do professional looking effects.

Helpful things to know.

More on my additional storage and transport for equipment as we go along. Later!


About alexanderfilmworks

I write, shoot, direct, edit, design, and try to promote film stuff. It's what I do.
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