What Kind Of Camera?

When I look at other photography and video websites around the Webiverse, the most asked question I see is “What kind of camera should I buy?”

The most accurate answer to this is also the least satisfying… “What do you intend to do?”, coupled with “How much do you have to spend?”

Most of the cameras I have are nowhere near the state of the art; several of mine still use Mini-DV tapes, which became “obsolete” years ago.

The most advanced camera I have is a high-end “point and shoot” camera, the Kodak Z990, with a long optical zoom, 1080p resolution (1920 X 1080 progressive scan).hdsd

The Z990, which is no longer being built (Eastman Kodak is getting out of the photographic equipment business, as I understand it), is a good camera, with standard photos coming out at 4000 X 3000 pixels, and excellent resolution of the digital movie recording. It has features that rival some of the DSLR cameras (Canon and Nikon), and exceed some of the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras out there.


In truth, any camera that records video, including VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital-8, and the 640 X 480 point and shoot cameras can work. You need to do instead of just talk about doing.

(Something I have been guilty of over the years…)

So get out there, and just shoot the damn thing!


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3 Responses to What Kind Of Camera?

  1. Stills, Words, and Motion says:

    Interesting post. It runs a bit contrary to the opinion at the end of “The Kindest Cut…” I sold my twin Canon HDVs and am considering a vDSLR or a standard form-factor Canon or Panny. In the meantime, I’ve shot some work on iOS devices, just for the thrill of the hunt.

    • I don’t really see how… I was describing how it *used* to be, back in the mists of time, when I was first learning how to do it. If the iOS devices give you the footage with the “look” you want, then great. The Canon HDV cams would do nicely, and a Canon EOS DSLR or a Nikon would do nicely, too… What it comes down to is 1) what you can afford, 2) what you are comfortable using, and 3) what makes the images you like. Just shoot the damn thing!

      • Stills, Words, and Motion says:

        I was referring to “…There are those who say that the “democritization” of filmmaking – more people making movies that don’t measure up to the “standards” of “Hollywood” – is diluting the talent pool, and making it more difficult to find “good” films. Industry blogger Marshall Fine takes on this topic in this article, saying that everyone can make a movie, but not everyone should.

        On this point, at least, I would have to agree. But I say that anyone who thinks they can should try… and if they can be discouraged, they should be. But for those of us who just keep on plugging, we only ask you to get out of the way while we work…”

        It’s neither here nor there now, since I’ve been reading more of your posts and am starting to get a feel for your direction. I understand the explanation of the old school methods. I’m going to use the iOS system until I decide what to rely on (the Canon XA10 looks like a nice camera to work with…).

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