Writing A Script (Is Not As Easy As You Think)…

As you can tell, I spent the entire month of October away from this blog. There are reasons for that, some of which I will be telling you about in this post…

What I have been doing is trying to regenerate what I saw as a muse with a dead battery; the jumper cables were not entirely sufficient to get it started, and I had to resort to somewhat drastic measures to get things going.

Still and all, I was able to write a couple of short scripts, and even get them into “breakdown” in preparation to start the production process.

I will explain “breaking down” a script; this has nothing to do with the emotional or mental state of the writer or director. Rather, it involves taking each scene, and putting down who appears in it, how they are costumed, whether or not they need special makeups, if there are mechanical or optical effects for the scene, what props will be required, what sort of set dressings/greenery/livestock/animals/stunts/et cetera will be needed, and other information the crew will need to know. This is an aid to putting together a shooting schedule and call sheets.

I’ll go into those a bit later. Promise.

There are applications that will help you do this once you have your script completed (or as completed as you can get it before you start production, which can be a different matter entirely). The one I use most often is Final Draft Tagger, which, naturally, comes with Final Draft.

You import your script into Tagger, and it separates out each scene, broken down by Scene Headings (what FD calls sluglines). For each scene, a brief view of the script is shown, and a list of categories is on the right hand side of the screen. Tagger automatically adds Cast Members from the speaking roles; if you have characters that have no lines, you can add them in that category, or add them to Extras. It’s your choice.

I will have more to say… count on it.



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