A Year In The Life…

2014 is almost ended.

What have I learned?  Several things.

What have I done?  Much, much less.

I continue to fumble with the editing of my documentaries, to find new and unique ways to put off shooting footage for several projects I want to do, and to fritter my time away when I could be “doing something”.

(Notice, I did NOT say “do something useful“… if I get to doing something, it may well be useful for SOMEthing.)  Perhaps I am merely growing out of childish pursuits, like becoming known for writing, making movies, or drawing… but some would call that sort of growth the death of dreams.

I still have things planned… and I just may get around to doing them.

And I can fly to the moon by flapping my arms…

Well, at least I did get into a short screenplay contest… don’t know if I’ll make it into the final rounds, but I’m out there.

Write, shoot, cut, show, repeat…


About alexanderfilmworks

I write, shoot, direct, edit, design, and try to promote film stuff. It's what I do.
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