Film, Video, and Digital… Is there a difference?

Back in the day, film was the only way to go.  Relatively simple to manufacture, manipulable to produce startling and thrilling effects, and the foundation of an industry that has lasted until now.

Videotape came in later, allowing rapid recording of images, at the cost of some manipulability.  As computer technology increased in power and decreased in price, and software was developed to digitize analog video and edit it, video became an affordable option.

Avid.  Final Cut.  Premiere.  The lower-end  programs from many different makers that flood the amateur market.

And the effects and compositing software… After Effects.  Apple Motion.  Others that have sprung up to try and do all this on a lower budget.

Does it all make sense?  Is it worth arguing about?  Can you actually make something that will look like a “real” movie?

The best answer?  “It depends…”

It depends on the skill of the operator.  It depends on the capabilities of the equipment.  It depends on the imagination and the persistence of the creative team.

So don’t procrastinate… CREATE!

(Best advice I can give… or take.)


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